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Jul 2016
Honor Your Parents

Regardless of how undeserving one might believe their parents are, they can never match how undeserving Christs parents actually were. If we identify ourselves as Christians, disciples of Christ, and our goal is to be conformed into His image(Romans 8:29; 1 Corinthians 15:49), we must honor our parents. Because God humbled himself to take on human flesh and to honor human parents, woe to us if we arrogantly presume to be the exception to this command....

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Jun 2016
What is Providence?

It is acceptable to not fully understand everything taught in scripture; the Christian is a disciple of Christ, and a disciple is a student. We are continually learning through the process of sanctification. However, it is not acceptable to disdain or discard any scriptural teaching, of which the doctrine of Providence is one, due to a lack of understanding....

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Jun 2016
House Rules

Scripture has a lot to say about the poor and how I ought to relate to them. This weight of commands could not be ignored in our lives as we love Jesus (John 14:15; John 14:21) we must love what and as he loves....

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Jul 2011

I’m a firm believer in the power of riddles. I love riddles and enjoy the challenge of solving them. They force me to think in unconventional, abnormal ways – to approach the entire space differently. I enjoy finding and seeing the patterns that emerge in the datasets, and working the various iterations through my imagination. I love my job. But to the point of this post, I propose that riddles provide excellent critical thinking exercises, and that anyone who proposes to study anything, should desire to hone their critical thinking skills. A......

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