Dec 2017
Why I Love My Job

True and False are never equivalent, this is the solemn vow of boolean logic. In this profession, False is never going to break that vow and decide that it doesn't need to not be True and it is just going to run off and become logically independent of True because it decided that it wanted to become Maybe, Might Have, or What If!...

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Sep 2017
Sorrowful Yet Always Rejoicing

My friend called me, his voice cracked, and I could hear the tears held back in his eyes. He asked me to walk down an old, familiar path with him, to shine a light into the dark corners that frighten and threaten to shake the very foundations of my own character. Dark thoughts flooded his mind, years of struggling day after day, he was so tired, he simply wanted to be done. But my friend called me, and he asked me to remind him why men don’t quit, because he couldn’t remember,......

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