Rob “Bubba” Hines

bubba_Facebook First Name: Robert
Middle Name: Stephen
Last Name: Hines
Nickname: Bubba
Other Names: Honey, Sweetheart, Daddy, Papa
Hometown: Starkville, MS
Current Town: Lowell, NC
Places Lived:

Edzel Scotland, UK
Manama, Bahrain
Pensacola, FL

Jackson, MS
Chicago, IL
  What He Does: Hacks Software
Current Company: Signature Tech Studio
Other Companies Worked For:

MS Army National Guard U.S. Navy
UBS Warburg H57 Consulting
Bank of America  

Where He Can Be Found on Web:

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Google Talk ID:

Political Views: Conservative
Religious Views: Historically Reformed, Orthodox Baptist
Hobbies: Theology, Philosophy, Problem Solving, Raising Children, Strategy Games, Reading, Public Speaking, Automation, New Programming Languages/Techniques, Hunting, Fishing, Campfires, Cooking, Baking, Frying Things

Wishlist(s): Amazon

Online Games Currently Played:  EVE

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