House Rules

House Rules

Scripture has a lot to say about the poor and how I ought to relate to them. Proverbs 19:17; 1 John 3:17-18; Proverbs 14:31; Deuteronomy 15:10-11; Isaiah 28:10; Acts 20:35; Matthew 25:31-46; Luke 14:12-14; Matthew 19:21; Luke 12:33; Proverbs 22:9; Isaiah 24:5; James 1:27; Exodus 22:22-24; Isaiah 1:17; Psalm 68:5; Psalm 146:9; Job 29:12 to name a few. This weight of commands could not be ignored in our lives as we love Jesus (John 14:15; John 14:21) we must love what and as he loves.

Mark 12:28-34; Matthew 22:34-40; Matthew 22:46; Luke 10:25-28 Teach me to love my neighbor as myself. If I saw myself on the street, homeless, hungry, sick, and tired what would my love of myself require of me? I would tenderly pick myself up, take myself home, feed myself, nurse myself back to health, cloth myself, and find rest. This is love in my mind, that I would love others as I love myself.

We have historically adopted many young men and women (homeless, ex-convicts, gang members) into our clan and invited them into our home. Other men continue asking us (practically) how we do that, what are the rules/guidelines in place? Here are nine rules that everyone in my house must abide by:

  1. No Weapons Allowed
  2. No Drugs Allowed
  3. No Porn Allowed
  4. No Stealing Allowed
  5. No Lying Allowed
  6. No Men over Nineteen in My House When I Ain’t Here (exceptions permitted)
  7. No Asking For Money
  8. No Jobless Folks Over Nineteen (Working or Searching for a job)
  9. Don’t touch my Thermostat!
  10. Exercise Devotional/Prayer Time Daily

These rules are built on two unconditional assumptions:

  1. They are Pursuing Christ (This requires discernment)
  2. They Never Do Anything to Place My Clan at Risk (This requires common sense.)

After a few days of integrating into the home, I begin to engage them in some self-discipline exercises.

  1. Read Proverbs Daily
  2. Get eight hours sleep, and be up by 6:00 am each weekday

This can be a real struggle for them, particularly the second, it can take up to a month of constantly encouraging/admonishing to get these to be a solid part of their lives.

What is the long term goal?

  1. See them grow in Christ
  2. See them join the local body of Christ
  3. See them serving thier community
  4. Learn to be an employee and hard worker
  5. Learn to manage their finances
  6. Learn to pursue romantic relationships
  7. Learn to move out and get their own place
  8. Get married
  9. Have Kids
  10. Raise Kids in Christ that call me Pawpaw!

That’s the short story! If you would like to talk more about it, Tracey and I are typically available for a cup of coffee or a meal.


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