EVE: Training Cynosural Pilots

EVE: Training Cynosural Pilots


If you play EVE long enough, eventually someone is going to ask  that you light a Cyno (Cynosural Beacon) for them to jump to. If you are in a Corporation that is heavy with Capitol ships, there tends to be a constant need to have someone jumping somewhere and this means the Cyno Pilots need to be spread out all over the Universe. To this end, most people will train a Cynosural Field Theory on a couple of alternate characters, and then park those characters in systems (typically a logistical route) that tend toward requiring a regular Cyno’s to be lit.

I found some interesting write-ups on training Cyno Alts via Google, but the majority of them were old and outdated. So, I’ve determined to come up with my own formula, and stick it here so that I can get back to it easily enough. As I am primarily a Minmatar Pilot, the only real constraint I put on my approach is that all Cyno Alts must be skilled to fly a Probe (Minmitar Frigate).

Step 1 – Birth of an Alt

Create a toon! I start with a Minmatar because they already come with the basic frigate skills, and I like that all my toons have the same ethnic look. 🙂 For the sake of this article, we will call our new toon Bubba_Cyno_Alt.

Step 2 – The Inheritance

Log into one of your rich toons and send Bubba_Cyno_Alt 18,121,500 ISK. Then log back in as Bubba_Cyno_Alt and purchase the following skill books (All books will/should be available at your starting station):

  1. Instant Recall (45,000 isk)
  2. Analytical Mind (45,000 isk)
  3. Learning (31,500 isk)
  4. Eidetic Memory (4,500,000 isk)
  5. Logic (4,500,000 isk)
  6. Cynosural Field Theory (9,000,000 isk)

Go ahead and inject Instant Recall, Analytical Mind, and Learning.

Step 3 – Recalibrate the Brain

Remaping the attributes! You will want to set the brain pattern to:

  • Intelligence: 15
  • Perception: 5
  • Charisma: 5
  • WIllpower: 5
  • Memory: 9

Step 4 – The Lesson Plan

I took the snapshot prior to updating the Attributes, so you will see some slight differences on the training plan yourself at this point.


Step 5 – Graduation

This process takes less than eight days to complete and costs less than 20M isk to implement. Many people might look at those eight days and think of many other things that they could train and ultimately put off creating the Cyno Alt; however, if you are in a Capitol heavy corporation or alliance, you should view it as your responsibility to your community to have at least one Cyno Alt trained and available, even if you do not fly capitol ships yourself.


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