Bubba’s Notes: Omnotron Defense System


Things to Remember

  1. Requires two tanks.
  2. Two Trons will be active at all times. The one that just became active will be unshielded (DPS this one), the one that has been active will be shielded (no DPS).
  3. Never DPS a shielded tron. Arcanotron may be be interrupted while shielded, but must immediately stop DPS after the interrupt.
  4. Power Generator (Arcanotron) – A large cyan-magenta vortex on the ground. Gives whoever is standing in it a big boost to damage and mana regeneration. Stand in the whirlpool, but make sure the boss isn’t.
  5. Chemical Bomb (Toxitron) – A large green cloud on the floor. Causes anyone standing in it to gain a de-buff that increases all damage taken by 50%, including the boss. Do NOT stand in the cloud, but make sure the boss does, and kite the Poison Bombs through it.
  6. Acquiring Target (Magmatron) – Targets one raid member and, after a few seconds, shoots a huge jet of flame straight at them.
  7. Electrical Discharge (Electron) – Moderate damage, jumps to allies. When Electron is active, stay spread out 8yrds unless you’re in a Power Generator.
  8. Arcane Annihilator (Arcanotron) – Short cast time, interrupt-able, does a lot of damage to one target. Buffed by Power Conversion & Poison Cloud.
  9. Poison Protocol – Summons 3 Poison Bomb (slow moving slimes) that crawl towards a chosen target. Kill the slimes! If the slimes reach their target, they explode for about 100k and leave a pool of poison. Don’t stand in that, and don’t let a slime hit you; if you are being chased, kite it. Slimes are un-tauntable. Warning this can target the tanks, in this case ALL DPS must switch to kill that one first.
  10. Lightning Conductor (Arcanotron) – Puts a de-buff on one target that hits all nearby raid members for big damage. If you get this de-buff as a healer or DPS, run away from the group. If a tank gets the de-buff, pay attention and move away from the tank.



  1. Don’t stand in poison clouds. Position the boss in the cloud.
  2. Don’t let the boss stand in Power Generators, position the boss to that the raid can stand in the Power Generator.
  3. Interrupt Arcanotron every chance you get.
  4. Stop DPS once your tron’s shield goes up.
  5. A “stream” from the back wall to the next golem will show you which one is spawning next. Get ready to pick that one up once your golem reaches about 3 or 4 energy.


  1. Always stand in Power Generators.
  2. Do not stand in Poison clouds.
  3. When you see “Acquiring Target” go off, Magmatron’s target is about to take a lot of damage.
  4. Incineration Security Measure will require massive raid heals.


  1. Always Prioritize Killing Poison Bombs over DPS on the active Tron.
  2. Always stand in Power Generators.
  3. Do not stand in Poison clouds (Chemical Bomb).
  4. Interrupt Arcanotron every chance you get.
  5. Never hit a shielded Tron.
  6. Get AWAY from an Acquired Target.

Common Mistakes Made

  • Melee DPS think they can’t kill the Poison Bombs. This is because they have attempted it in the past, the bomb blew up, and they died. The ONLY reason a bomb ever blows up is because it reached it’s target. A dead bomb can NOT reach it’s target. ALL DPS, including Melee, who are not being chased by a bomb need to kill the bombs.
  • Arcanotron does not get interrupted. EVERYONE (save the other tank) in the raid is responsible for attempting to interrupt him when his shield is down. Most DPS and Heals will complain that they “have too much else to do“, or “my interrupt is on a long cool down“. If Arcanotron gets his Annihilator spell off, and YOUR interrupt is NOT on cool-down, you are the reason the raid is failing. Learn to interrupt, and don’t wait for your “current cast” to finish, stop casting and interrupt.
  • MagmatronsAcquired Target” decides to run around, instead of standing still. The rest of the raid then doesn’t know where to go, and the “Acquired Target” gets people killed. Just stand still if you are an Acquired Target, everyone else will react.
  • People don’t stand in the Power Generators. Most fights, all the healers are ALWAYS in the Power Generators, and few (if any) of the DPS are in the Power Generators. It is a priority to get yourself in the Power Generators, don’t just stand over there doing less DPS, the Return on Investment for moving into the Power Generators is too great.
  • People (or their pets) continue hitting a tron w/it’s shield up. Seriously, it keeps happening. Switch targets.


This is one very long fight. Doing the math, you can see how easily we are talking about a 10 minute battle.

  • 32Million hit points shared between the trons
  • 50Kdps = 5 DPS, doing 10Kdps
  • It takes 10.5 minutes for 50Kdps to do 32Million hit-points of damage.
  • This does not take into account time needed to kite adds, kill adds, switch targets, move, etc..

There is also an absurd amount of Raid Damage occurring for the duration of the fight. The three healers are having to put out and sustain near 8K heals-per-second for 10 minutes.

I would consider this fight to be a “Ready Check” for raid healers – a healer might succeed in healing Magmaw, Baradin Hold, or even the Conclave of Wind without having the heals to do this fight. However, once you have successfully healed through this and seen the boss dead, you can be utterly confident that the healer has both the gear and the skills to heal a raid.

As a side note, there really isn’t any point in attempting this (other than getting a look at the general mechanics) if you don’t have three healers who can sustain 8K heals per second. However, if you DO have three healers, sustaining 8Khps, and people in the raid are dead, then everyone else is failing to avoid damages that should be avoided or they are not following mechanics that would help reduce the damage they are taking.

This fight (much like Magmaw) also greatly favors Ranged DPS over Melee DPS. Eight points in particular support this statement:

  • Ranged DPS can Kite & Kill the Poison Protocol trivially.
  • Ranged DPS can “always” take advantage of the Power Generators.
  • Ranged DPS have little downtime in switching targets between bosses/adds.
  • Ranged DPS have Ranged Interrupts! They can DPS one boss or adds, while interrupting Arcanotron!
  • Melee DPS have to move all over the room, w/out doing DPS, in order to switch targets.
  • Melee DPS can rarely take advantage of the Power Generators.
  • Melee DPS can either Kite or Kill the Poison Protocol, rarely can they successfully do both.
  • Melee DPS have Melee Range Interrupts. If the boss is moving out of melee range, they miss. If they are on another boss or adds, they can’t help with interrupts.

Unlike Magmaw, you can certainly do this fight with only a handful of ranged DPS (assuming you have the heals for the raid); however, the optimal configuration would have no melee DPS in it at all. I realize that isn’t popular with melee DPS, but it is not reasonable to ignore the fact that melee DPS is at a disadvantage. For what it is worth, every time we’ve killed Omnitron with have had 2-3 melee DPS in the group. As long as the Bombs go down, and the heals can keep up, Omnitron will die.


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