Who’s Who!?


Here are some pictures to help sort out which name belongs to which kid, how they are related to each other, and ultimately how they are related to me. I suggest you keep this email handy so that when you read the others you can easily refer back to it and sort out who is who.Laughing

We celebrated Beth’s 12th Birthday last Saturday! I’ve uploaded the pictures from the party to the H57 Photo Album, and you can see them here: Beth’s 12th Birthday Party.

Picture of Samantha


She’s 14, in the 8th grade, loves to sing (Honors Chorus at school, Adult Choir at church) makes good grades, and is an all around Good Kid ™!

Picture of Beth


She’s 12, in the 6th grade, loves to play her Trombone (she’s first chair!), is perhaps more full of fun and joy than any two other people in the house, and is our resident Fashion Diva™.

Picture of Collin


He is 3, in daycare, loves to be either Spiderman or Batman, beats up more bad guy’s before breakfast than most people do all day long, and is our resident Monkey Get In Trouble Too™.

Picture of Abby


She is 2, in daycare, loves all manner of beauty products, brushes her hair and changes her outfit before breakfast more times than most people do all week, and is our resident Drama Queen™.

Picture of Ethan


He is 1 (the one holding the green sippy cup!), in daycare, eats almost as much as I do (I’m seriously considering starting a savings fund now just to feed this kid as he gets older) loves to hug and give slobbery kisses (teeth coming in) that make the dog cringe! He is our resident Monkey Boy™.

Picture of Daniel


He is 4, in pre-school, and loves Power Rangers, Super Hero’s, and Playstation 2! Seriously, this kid rocks on the PS2, I hope he goes Pro when he gets older. He is our resident Monkey Do™.

NOTE: This is Scott & Mary Ann Hines’ oldest son. Mine and Tracey’s nephew.

Picture of Luke


He is 1, stay’s home with mom (and dad), loves …. Mom (and dad), and has one of the most beautiful smiles you will ever run across. He has recently started walking and is our resident Cuddle Monkey™.

NOTE: This is Scott & Mary Ann Hines’ youngest son. Mine and Tracey’s nephew.


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