Report Cards and Spelling Bees


Hello Everybody! Well we have just received our first report cards for being in North Carolina and it is a wonderful day in the Hines house. Sam and Beth both received all A’s and 1 B each. Both are on the honor roll and both had very nice things said about them from their teachers. I am quite the proud mother.

AND THEN…. Beth won the class spelling bee and participated in her school’s spelling bee this morning. Rob and I were there to see and ta dah….She is the first runner up. It was down to the wire and she and another young lady were head to head and Beth missed the word alfalfa. It makes sense, she has never seen alfalfa in our house…I will try and do better, but Beth is the runner up for representing the school in the County Spelling Bee in March.

I am actually glad she is the runner up seeing as how our house should be ready by March and she won’t attend that school anymore. Yep, we are proud of the blessings we have with our children.



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