Beth’s Birthday


Just so you don’t think we overlooked her, Beth had a friend sleep over last night for her first part of her birthday and then NEXT Saturday, she is having a rollerskating party. We are actually inviting her entire Sunday School class, her entire regular school class and some local hooligans from the neighborhood and some extended family in the area. All in all, we are inviting over 48 friends. We will see who shows up. I think she will have a great time.

So her special present for her 11th is that we are allowing her to shave. Whooooo hooooo. No more long hairy legs for her, now just prickly. I worried about giving Beth a razor, if you don’t know why, you really don’t need to read any of these stories….So, I was in the grocery store, I saw this product called “Veet” it is kind of like a Nair derivative, but you use a “razor-like” product to remove the “Veet” from your legs – all the grown-up feelings of using a razor and none of the stitches. Well, 5:30 Wednesday morning just before I was going to give her her present, I started reading the back of the “Veet” that I was going to give her. WARNING – do not use this product more than once every 48 hours. Do not put in “many places”. Do not get near carpet, water, chlorine, or clothing within 24 hours of use…..hmmmmmmmmm, so you use it and then can’t wash or wear clothes for 24 hours. Nope, not giving that to my 11 year old daughter. So she is still patiently waiting for her new razor. I am still debating on whether or not to go electric. What do I want to go to the emergency room for…..

Bye. Love you all.



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