Boxes are Unpacked


Yes, that is correct, the boxes are unpacked. We are in the process of getting some new furniture, so the office is still messy and the living room is on the VERY empty side. But, the boxes are unpacked and we are offically moved in and settled. Boy does that feel good.

The rest of the family is fine, but I am still a bit sore in the calves, all the up and down the stairs on moving day was more than I have done in a while. Feeling better every day though.

The girls are making friends, Rob has been hanging out with neighbors and we had a very nice young man (about 5 years old) named, Jeremy, who told us all about God and heaven and what our new bodies will be like cause his momma told him all about it. He was VERY sweet and had all the facts right.

Looking around to see what church we will go to tomorrow. Still haven’t quite decided yet, but I am sure we will know soon.

I was busy yesterday, we have our new renters insurance, car insurance updated, the washer and dryer are being delivered today, changed over the bank accounts and put away all the clothes. Whew, I am still tired.

We are finding our way around town pretty well already. The consensus is that we still don’t feel like we live here, but it is getting closer.

We are missing all our friends and the girls are getting anxious about starting new schools this week. Scott and Mary have been out of town with her family and come back tomorrow.

Okay, enough for now. Love and miss you all.



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