2010 Crawfish Boil

2010 Crawfish Boil


Reckon it is about that time of the year again, and we are down right excited to be kicking off the Crawfish Boil this spring!

WHEN: 20 March 2010 – 3:00pm Eastern Time

WHERE: Bubba’s House

WHY: Seriously? I mean really?

WHAT CAN I BRING: A chair, if ye don’t want to sit on the ground. Ye favorite drink, if ye don’t like water or tea. Something else to share, if yer that type of person. (Cigars for the Chef’s will never be turned down!)

HOW: We need ya to RSVP by Sunday the 14th with a headcount of who will be arriving and eating crawfish. Turns out we will have ‘em shipped in from Louisiana and if we run out (Lord Forbid!!!) we can’t simply run down to the creek and get more.

Alright, I’ll work with the assumption that some folks really do not already know the answer to the question. First and foremost Tommy and I (along with our family) enjoy cooking and eating them, that settles it right there, if no one else shows up, we will be having a good time. Secondly, lot’s of people show up, and one our favorite things to do is hang out with (a lot) of good friends eating good food … with our fingers.

Given how many people show up and then do not actually eat crawfish, I believe there must be some magic in watching other people eat ‘em. I know I enjoy watching people eat ‘em, but I tend to want to participate in the sport myself. So we have a lot of the type of people I like to hang out with in one place, good and fun food, all outdoors with room to spread out, and can almost guarantee the fire pit gets going and the stories will be flowing! Drop me or Tommy an email, let us know you are coming!


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