Temporal Loops


if – it creates a condition, precedes a conditional statement; however, the master can do far more with an if statement.

Some Project Manager says, “Hey! We need a blafgartfee document! Bubba, could you get that done for us?

To which Bubba responds, “I got no idea what that looks like. If you send me an example or a template, I’ll get it done.”

See, the creation of a condition … “you must send me an example or template” before Bubba will do anything.

Three weeks later, some some Project Managers says, “Hey, I have you down to provide the blafgartfee document by EOD today. How is it going?

Bubba, “Seriously? Did I really miss the communication from you with the example or template?

Them, “Oh. Let me see if I can find that for you now.”

Three weeks later ……

Apparently, Bubba if statements can create a Temporal Loop!


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