Keeping in Touch is So Hard to Do


image You would think it to be a rather simple thing, an email here, a phone call there, and perhaps a visit. Unfortunately, we find it difficult to maintain the lines of communication that keep us all in touch. Thankfully, there is a slew of technological options to assist in this.

For example, we have Twitter for micro-blogging (or mini-updates) throughout a given day, then we have the H57 Blog for more structured updates. The H57 Photo Album attempts to capture and archive those significant (and perhaps not so significant) events that occur in our lives. We can all be found on Facebook in some form or another, and this provides for much more group interaction on topics. Finally, we have the email, which has been our primary method of dispersing information for the past year or so.image

We have even taken some steps to integrate these things in the past year. For example, anything that is posted via Twitter updates our Facebook status – allowing people to respond to Tweets via either tool. As a side note, this might confuse some people (not Tommy Jinks) – if you are on Twitter  and Facebook,  and someone sends a Tweet that updates Facebook, where do you respond!? The easy answer is, “Reply in Twitter  if you are both in Twitter , otherwise reply in Facebook.” Your mileage may vary on that, but typically it seems the thing to do.

Even when we post a new Blog Entry, it gets sent out via Twitter , which then gets posted via the Facebook status. You might deduce that we have set up everything to funnel into Facebook. Why?

The majority of you don’t use an RSS Reader, don’t have a Twitter account (or don’t actively use it), and some portion of you might have a Facebook account. We believe Facebook is the social networking site – and if there is any technology we might convince you to actually use, it will be Facebook. Lets face it, if we put forth a phenomenal effort to keep you updated with the latest information, and you aren’t listening, then what is the point of talking?

We will keep the emails going, but we are likely to begins linking back to the H57 Blog for the emails. We would highly encourage you to go create a Facebook account and get connected with us there as well.


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