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Perhaps I spoke to soon last week, it appears that I’m not really in the clear yet. Although the ear, nose, and throat issues have faded into history, the cough persists. It wouldn’t be so bad I suppose, but when I cough I produce “red stuff” that seems highly unnatural.

Went back to the Dr. this morning  and finally got in to see my family doctor, first week was some Dr. at Urgent Care (said it was a virus), then last week my Dr. wasn’t available so her colleague (said whooping cough) at the same office saw me.

They took pictures of my lungs again, and everyone agrees that it isn’t pneumonia. They reviewed the meds I took last week, and everyone agrees that if it “was” whooping cough, it isn’t anymore. She decided it is most likely some type of post bronchial cough (much like this guy writes about) and gave me a steroid shot (in the rear! They still do that to adults!?) and prescribed some prednisone.

As an afterthought (I mentioned the CPap Machine) she decided to prescribe some additional antibiotics (Levaquin) in case my breathing machine (which I must admit, I’m not the most diligent about cleaning) has introduced something more exotic (she mentioned Legionnaires’ Disease).

If I’m not better by Friday morning, I call her and we set up the CT Scans and start doing the more in-depth diagnosis. So – ya’ll pray for me to get better by Friday morning, eh?


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