Rumors of My Death


….. were greatly exaggerated! I was really only ever almost-dead (see ref) and am now certainly only nearly dead! Last week, I had a virus which turned into something more this week.

For those who may not have heard, the Dr. proposed I either have Whooping Cough or Pneumonia, either of which we were in the very early stages of and the same antibiotic would take care of. To that end, I’m three days into a full course of the antibiotic (well, this afternoon will mark the fourth day) and certainly appear to be on the mend.

Fortunately, no one else in the family seems to be of such a low constitution as I. Beth struggled with the cold a few days last week and got better. Ethan was a bit sick over the weekend, but hasn’t missed any school and seem just fine. Tracey contracted an ungodly earache that persisted through the weekend and early week – though she seem better now and only slightly more hard of hearing than she previously was.

All in all, it seems that I’m on the mend. I did take the last two days off for convalescence and Tommy (being on vacation) provided me a few fantasy novels (Robin Hobb – Soldier Son Trilogy) to read and I’ve managed to escape reality through them quite effectively.

Thanks for all your emails, phone calls, and chats! I appreciate your well wishes .. and for those who were unaware, I apologize that that word didn’t get to you sooner.


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