The Bubba Vote


Here’s a post Tommy made as part of a conversation on a message board.  It pretty much summed up my position so I thought I’d share:

I was on the fence for a while after ole huckleberry dropped out of the race, I really liked him a lot. I was astounded with the choice of Palin and ended up watching her speech twice. Then I downloaded it and played it on the big screen for the rest of the family.

I’ve been noticing a trend lately of overly aggressive democrats just getting violent in arguments over this. No one here really but there are some people out there that think that abuse and name calling make for a good argument.

I was generally ignoring the whole thing until they came up with this idea of the “Bubba Vote”. Essentially, white male blue collar voters. They’ve suggested… hold on, that’s not true… they’ve actually said, if you fall into this category and you don’t vote for Obama then your a racist. It doesn’t matter any more that you don’t agree with his policies. It doesn’t matter that you don’t think that he has the skills to lead an entire nation. You’re a racist because you make less than $150,000 and you didn’t vote for Obama. Full stop. End of story.

Where I come from calling someone a “Bubba” can mean a lot of things. It can mean “dumb redneck” or it can mean “Hey You” if that happens to be your name and I know a few people actually named Bubba. It can also just be a general greeting as in, “Hey Bubba, how ya doin”. No where does it mean “racist” and no where does it mean “blue collar, rural, southern republican”. In coming up with this concept the democrats have completely turned me off to voting for their candidate. Doesn’t matter who it is.

I’m mad about the overly aggressive way they treat people that don’t agree with them. I’m mad that they’ve decided that I’m a racist because I make less money than they do and I live in the middle of the country. I am irate that they think that because I believe in a higher power that I’m stupid and misled. I’m irrational because I own guns. I hate the environment because I happen to know a few things about it and haven’t bought into Global Warming AND I have NASCAR tickets (Go #38!). I’m out of touch with reality because I live in a rural area. I’m a homophobe because… well … no one’s really sure but I fit the rest of the profile so I must be.

I don’t like McCain. I don’t like Obama. That pretty much means that once again I am in the position of voting against the candidate that I like the least rather than voting for the candidate that I actually want.

But, hey, I’m not really that angry. This is the way it’s always been and “Bubba” or not I get the same voice that everybody else gets (except the Mexicans who I also hate apparently). That 1 vote that I get to walk into a booth and cast for “my” candidate.

Me? I think I’m going to vote for Sarah Palin and avoid both candidates.


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