It’s Been A While


What the Heck?

clip_image002Yea, I know, I went AWOL this summer. Just sorta dropped off the face of the email scene and you didn’t hear from me – sorry about that.

I was busy having one awesome summer! Seriously, it’s been fantastic! I also really got into micro-blogging on Twitter. But I realize many of you aren’t quite that plugged in.

I also have received a lot of emails in the past week asking me when I would be sending the emails again – so I guess ya’ll got back from your summers and just got caught up on email again as well?

Seriously, I hereby promise to get my act together and start sending out Bubba’s Updates a little more diligently.

That is of course, if ya still want them, if not – drop me a message and I’ll drop ya from the list.


Pick Pickin’!

clip_image004We had a fantastic Pick Pickin’ here at the house last Saturday! Tracey’s company (Cedar Management Group) picked up the tab and let Tommy and I have a go at about 120lb’s of pork, and did I mention what a good time we had cooking it?

I got up at 0500 and started the fire up – it was awesome. Then Tommy showed up around 0530 and we headed on over to Waffle House to get some grub while the coals got hot.

By 0700 we had full bellies, plenty of coffee, and the pig was ready for cookin’! We spent the day cooking and had approximately 60 people show up at 1500 Saturday afternoon to help us eat it.

clip_image006Of course, it was a lot of hard – hot – work, but we had plenty of help getting the sweat wiped away while we cut up the cooked pig – as you can see Jodi taking care of Tommy!

I posted about seventy five pictures from the day over on the Hines57 Photo Album – and I also created a slideshow for ya’ll to check out.

We got another pig pickin’ coming up Race Weekend (Oct 11-13) and are pretty excited about that – however, we expect to see more rednecks = ‘cause Tommy invited a bunch of roughnecks from Louisiana. That ought to be quite the good time!


What About Them Kids?

clip_image008They are doing great! I just stick ‘em in the “jumpoline” until they are so tired they can’t walk, then haul ‘em up to the house and put ‘em to bed!

Everyone is doing well, and since I knew you would ask – I took a little over 100 pictures in the backyard after supper today and posted them on the Hines57 Album as well for ya’ll to take a peak at. Here are some highlights to whet yer whistles with.



clip_image014clip_image011 clip_image013








‘Till Next Time

clip_image022I suppose that’s it for tonight – just one or two thoughts to leave ya with:

· On the cage in a Yankee zoo, it will have the name of the animal and the scientific name in Latin. A Southern zoo will have the name of the animal and a recipe.

· Always remember … cleanest one goes in the tub first.

· What do you call a pretty girl on the arm of a redneck? A Tattoo.

· Don’t skinny dip with snappin’ turtles!

· Do Not smack anyone chewin terbacky!

· You can’t drown a fish, no matter how hard ya try.




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