Bad Journalism, an Apology, & Politics!


Remember the link I provided a few days ago (Lawyer: Ripping MP3s Illegal, Grounds for Lawsuit) regarding MP3 Shredding? Well, apparently I was passing around some rather poor journalism – according the this blog on c| titled RIAA shreds Washington Post story in debate – now this comic seems appropriate. 🙂

So, I do apologize for spreading panic and malcontent! You can safely burn your CD’s to MP3’s again … as long as you don’t share them with anyone else!

On the other hand, my favorite Candidate (Mike Huckabee – won the Iowa Caucus! With 95 percent of Republican precincts reporting, Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas, had the support of 34 percent of voters, compared to 25 percent for Romney. Fred Thompson had 13 percent, McCain had 13 percent and Ron Paul had 10 percent. Whoot!

You can read the CNN Article here, some fun Endoresments here, and see some cool videos here.


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