When I Don’t Desire God – How to Fight for Joy


This book has been one of those rare treasures that I have longed to read and never quite got around to it. First, I had to obtain the book, and it sat on my Amazon Wishlist for quite some time, till my Mother-In-Law actually purchased it for my birthday this year. My how I wish that I had obtained it sooner and read it before now.Building upon the Christian Doctrine of Joy in God as central to the disciples walk with Christ as well as his efforts to glorify God – this book delves head first into the practical aspects of how one goes about pursuing that desired depth of joy – even when you aren’t particularly inclined to do so!John Piper is possessed of the rare ability to take difficult issues, concepts, and ideas and break them down into the most pragmatic and useful sorts of advice – this book is brimming with wisdom that every Christian covets – whether they know it or not.While Piper does spend time addressing these issues for those who are accosted with chronic physical, mental, and emotional issues – he doesn’t at all shy away from “the normal Christian” who finds himself distracted from God’s Glory. He discusses the myriad of ways that the world around us convinces us to buy into the lie: leisure is more important, prayer can be put off, family devotions aren’t really that critical, just one more episode of ….., etc.As per the book “… to be satisfied by the beauty of God doesn’t not come naturally to sinful people. By nature we get more pleasure from God’s gifts than from Himself. Therefore this book calls for deep and radical change — which on God can give.” While it is true that “Only God can create joy in God. This is why the old saints not only pursued joy but prayed for it: Make us glad for as many days as you have afflicted us (PS. 90:15)“. That being said, God clearly uses means within this world to accomplish His purpose, an this book documents the best of those means and makes them available to you in an eloquent wartime manual for the Christian Soldier. I’d advise you to get your hands on this volume and soak up the wisdom and advice that flows from its pages.

ISBN-10 #: 1-58134-652-7
ISBN-13 #: 978-1-58134-652-7

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