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clip_image002Tommy decided his deck needed to come down (it didn’t have anything to do with the fact that I made a section fall just by standing on it)!

So, he got him a contractor all set to come out and build this beautiful patio around the house, but that old deck has to go first, and the contractor he hired doesn’t do demolition.

Fortunately, Tommy has friends who like to destroy stuff – and those friends have children who are well versed in the arts of destruction.

So we took 15 people (yep I’m counting the toddlers, youngun’, pre-teens, teenagers, and adults) Saturday morning out to the Jinks residence and proceed to “set our face against” the deck.

You can see the whole crew (minus me taking the picture) up there on the deck prior to us getting started, that first photo was taken around 0930.


– Tommy & Jodi Jinks
– Rob, Tracey, Samantha, Bethany, Collin, Abbigail, & Ethan Hines
– William, Katherine, and Lidia Stranathan
– Nicole, Corry, Tyler Estep – Bryan Smith

We hooked up Tommy’s truck to the chain you see Collin holding, and headed down the driveway (I got to drive!) to pull the deck down. Then we back a trailer up to it, and had at the fallen deck with sledgehammers and pick-axes until we had pieces small enough to load into the trailer.

We took three trips to the dump, and based on the weigh-ins, moved approximately seven tons of deck. By 1630 Saturday afternoon we were all ready for the trip to the Ice Cream Parlor to celebrate our victory!

For those of you interest in seeing more, you can find some additional media documenting the whole thing online:

· Animoto Slideshow (~6 minutes long) – Demolition Team
· Photo Album (191 Photos) – Deck Demolition
· YouTube Video (~1 minute long) – Deck Demolition
· DVD Quality Video (Same as YouTube, Higher Quality ~60MB) – Deck Demolition




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